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or redesign your website for much better  user friendly experience on all devices

Why? - Smartphone and tablet usage now exceed desktop.

You wisely invested in a website to reduce your print advertizing cost and further establish your company's brand. Great! Now, with the huge advancement of network and mobile computing technology, we all find ourselves using our smartphones and tablets more than our laptop and desktop computers. Tracked data tells us this trend will continue.

Have you tried to use your own website on your smartphone lately?  If you haven't optimized your website tablets and smartphones, you may be unraveling your entire web presence investment.  In today's fast paced mobile society we live in, ensuring that your company is being represented properly on all computers, desktops to smartphones, is the key to maintaining your company brand and positioning your website for today and the future.

Why Now?- Google has updated their mobile search algorithm on April 21st, 2015 penalizing "Non Mobile Friendly" websites.

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Mobile Website Design
Responsive Website Design for Tablets
Danny Sullivan, the editor of the SearchEngineLand website, in a USATODAY  interview regarding Google's latest big algorithm update on April 21st, says, "This update could cause mobile traffic to drop off or completely disappear for non mobile friendly websites."
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